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Tips for Photographing Children


Children are some of the hardest subjects to photograph. They very rarely like to dress up or sit still. The younger they are, the harder it is to keep them clean and wrinkle free. It is not impossible to photograph children; it just requires a lot more patience and a lot of creativity.

Get Down on Their Level
The first tip to photographing children is to get down on their level. Being on their level helps you get a clearer picture of them. The lighting will be better, and it will be just like photographing anyone else; meaning that you wont have an awkward angle looking down on the child making them appear smaller than they really are.

Catch Them Doing Something Fun
Instead of having them stand stiff and throwing on a fake smile, try having them do something they enjoy. For example try giving the child a coloring book and crayons, then snap pictures as they focus on the task not the camera, giving the photographs an almost candid look and catching that natural smile.

Consult the Professionals
If you are going for a specific look, or aren’t confident in what you are doing, don’t be afraid to call in a professional photographer or a professional photo booth company.
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